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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Intro to Newbies Guide to Rock it on Video

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  • 2

    Camera Shy

    • Camera Shy

  • 3

    Funhouse effect

    • Funhouse effect

  • 4


    • Light

  • 5

    What to wear

    • What to wear

  • 6


    • Energize

  • 7

    Ready to roll

    • Ready to roll

  • 8

    Wrap up

    • Wrap up

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About Pat Lore

Video and camera coach Pat Lore has been at this on-camera thing for her entire career!  Pat has  20+ years of experience as a journalist, storyteller, host & reporter. Pat has interviewed celebrities, presidents & even Malala!  Now she takes her knowledge and shares all of her tips to help you start your on-camera journey. 

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