Step 1: Get Over Your Fear!!!

Enter into the Confidence practice Lab

You are  stuck.

You see the RED light and you FREAK out! 

Step 2:  Practice & Get Feedback

You need a VIDEO Coach to mentor & support you 

STEP 3: Learn & Do & get accountability

You know you can't do it alone! You need 


Learn from a video pro who has lived her professional life in front of a camera. 


Camera Confidence!

Go From "I'm Not sure" to ..."I can do this!

Get off the fence. Post in my safe "Confidence Lab" and watch your progress!

  • Control Your Fear

  • Change Your Mindset

  • Gain Confidence

  • Changing Old Stories

  • Go on camera multiple times in the Confidence Lab

  • My Professional Feedback and support!

  • Private Facebook Group Community Support

Get Confident on Video Fast. Ditch Fear & Love yourself!

About Pat Lore

Your Instructor

Video and camera coach Pat Lore has been at this on-camera thing for her entire career! 

Learn from a Pro. Pat has  20+ years of experience as a journalist, storyteller, host & reporter. Pat has interviewed celebrities, presidents & even Malala! 

Now she takes her knowledge and shares all of her tips to help you start your on-camera journey. Grow your influence. Build your brand. Tell your own stories through the power of YOU.

What Students Say

  • "Your course is excellent! …you start from the VERY beginning with tips to help us get over our apprehensions with video...your video tutorials are nice and short and direct, you give excellent examples by demonstrating how you do it, you give more helpful information on the PDF handouts.."

  • “ I can’t thank you enough for giving us the tools, confidence and vehicle to help us learn video skills. I think your course was excellent! “

  • “Fantastic course!…your guidance was the best..."

  • “Thanks Pat for giving me the tools and the techniques and most importantly the confidence to do this."

I want to Love myself on video!

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