Your Clients are waiting...

Show up & Connect to Clients with Confidence & Content that Converts!

You’ve seen your competitors making videos by going on camera and doing some pretty cool stuff. You want to get in on this lucrative medium too...but you just don’t know where to start. You're confused about:

  • Sounding awkward 
  • How to look good
  • What to talk about 
  • Camera Tech & Setup 
  • How to connect with your audience 
  • How to not look like a deer in the headlights!!!
  • How to overcome your fear

Heck, you don't even really know how to set up your smart phone to make awesome looking videos. And that little black dot? Are you kidding me? How do you look at that and connect with people? No worries.  I've got you covered. 

I've been doing this for 20+ years!  I've been on TV for my entire career. From reporter, to host, to personality, I've been living in this world, and can help you get started.  In my signature beginner  course, Capture, Connect & Convert into Clients with Camera Confidence,  I'll take you from camera shy to camera savvy.

I will teach even the most CAMERA SHY person how to get in on this collaborative commerce environment. Make 2020 the year you commit to GROWING  YOUR BUSINESS.  Start going on video and see how your presence can impact your bottom line! 

My course is released  over a four week period and covers: 

  • Confidence
  • Camera tech
  • Connection
  • Content

And ... because I would never think of selling you something and leaving you in the dust to figure it out on your own, once you join my course,  I invite you into my exclusive private online community where we all practice and learn together!

You go at your own pace! Course material is released every 7 days so you can practice the video exercises!

Watch your own TRANSFORMATION from camera shy to camera fabulous!

In the Online Course You'll Learn:

  • Controlling Your Fear

  • Gain confidence

  • Know what to say

  • Connect to the Camera

  • Develop Your Personality

  • How to be authentic on camera

  • How to draw your audience in

  • Content Creation

  • Lighting, Audio, Shot set up

  • And so much more!

About Pat Lore

Your Instructor

Video storyteller and camera coach Pat Lore has been at this on-camera thing for her entire career! 

Learn from a Pro. Pat has  20+ years of experience as a journalist, storyteller, host & reporter. Pat has interviewed celebrities, presidents & even Malala! 

Now she takes her knowledge and shares all of her tips to help you start your on-camera journey. Learn from someone who has been writing, producing, shooting & making video stories for her entire lifetime!!!  Grow your influence. Build your brand. Tell your own stories through the power of YOU.

What Students Say

  • Pat Lore's tips for making my videos look better and sound better is EXACTLY what i need for my business.

  • Great to the point information to get you past your fears. Simple and easy to do tasks to get you started in the RIGHT direction.

  • My mindset is all changing on this... I was scared myself. I thought, oh you're old, you don't look good... its not only going to help with my confidence and my real estate, but with me enjoying life.

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